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 The Energy Mastery® School
The Energy Mastery® system is dedicated to sharing the highest teachings and most powerful technologies for healing on the planet. 

Here, you'll find a wide array of classes and events for all your needs. Whether you need better health, mindset, self healing, Soul alignment or prosperity, you'll find something here to get you closer to your ultimate goal. 
Energy Mastery® CORE Training with the Founder
Imagine YEARS of therapy, healing, health coaching, and personal transformation packed into 4 solid days where you, your energy, your limiting beliefs in your mind and DNA are resolved.

You will have access to the insights and teachings of the founder who has used these techniques on over 30,000 people. She has a depth of knowledge about the mastery of energy, how it applies to healing, health, spirituality, mind constructs and resolutions that is imparted to you. 

CORE Training is designed for Advanced students and those who have a calling to know the highest truths about Energy. This class is the most profound step you can take with the founder and creator of the revolutionary Energy Mastery® system.

It’s as if your cells and soul expand under Sheevaun's direct tutelage as you are taken under the wings of knowledge and presence to help you achieve your Soul's Mission. Working as part of a small group you will receive many advanced teachings in the course to help you take the tools out into the world for good.
  • ​July 17-20, 2019, Center for Energy Mastery® in San Clemente, CA
Energy Mastery® Foundations 2-day Class
Energy Mastery® Foundations is a LIVE 2-day class designed to lay a lasting foundation for Mastering Your Energy. You'll work with a small group of dedicated students to gain knowledge and practical experience with these powerful tools and processes. 

By the time you leave, you will have everything you need to apply the tools in your life, and the lives of your clients. 

These classes are taught by Certified Trainers who have been through years of study and practice in order to be able to share this powerful healing technology with you. In certain instances, these classes are taught by our Founder, Sheevaun Moran, and assisted by a teacher in training. 

Classes Held at Center for Energy Mastery® in San Clemente, CA
Taught by Nick Hansinger, Sr. Certified Instructor & President of Energy Mastery®
  • ​August 10-11, 2019
  • ​September 28-29, 2019
  • ​November 2-3, 2019
  • ​December 14-15, 2019
Classes Taught by Energy Mastery® Certified Instructors
Check Locations to Find One Near You
2019 Classes
  • July 27-28, Auburn Hills, MI with Danielle Cantin
  • ​July 27-28, Detroit, MI with Nicole Castka
  • August 2-3, Tampa, FL with Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi
  • August 2-3, Gilbert, AZ with Joyce Brinton
  • September 7-8, Austin, TX with Amanda Ranae
  • September 7-8, Tampa, FL with Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi
  • September 14-15, Auburn Hills, MI with Danielle Cantin
  • October 5-6, Tampa, FL with Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi
  • October 18-19, Gilbert, AZ with Joyce Brinton
  • November 8-9, Tampa, FL with Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi
  • November 16-17, Auburn Hills, MI with Danielle Cantin
  • December 7-8, Tampa, FL with Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi
Energy Mastery® with Crystals
*Pre-Requisite of Foundations or CORE
If you’re more advanced at healing and have worked with hundreds of folks then this is the workshop that will help you accelerate your healing successes.

The Energy Mastery® Crystal Healing system will help you to accomplish more complicated work more easily and quickly. You will learn to use laser like focus with a crystal and how this type of specialty is powerful to your work and the transformation of your clients. 

You’ll have an advanced understanding of the natural powers and qualities of crystals and subsequent application as a tools in Energy Mastery™ 'wavy hand' and Paramitas™ techniques. 
  • October 4-5, 2019 at the Energy Mastery® Center in San Clemente, CA
Full Moon Meditations
Full Moon Meditations are hosted by Energy Mastery® President, Nick Hansinger and on special occasions by founder Sheevaun Moran. 

They are hosted LIVE at the Center for Energy Mastery® AND broadcast VIRTUALLY for our extended community. 
For the Complete Full Moon Meditation Schedule Click Below
Monday Meditations (#mondaymeditation)
Every Monday at 7pm we offer meditation and Energy Balancing Sessions LIVE at the Energy Mastery® Center in San Clemente, CA. 

You'll be led through a healing meditation, then you are welcome to stay for an Energy Mastery® cleansing and balancing session if you choose. 

For complete details and to RSVP, click the button below.
Energy Mastery® Annual Healing Conference
We'll be closing out 2019 with a very special healing retreat. 

More information coming soon. 
  • December, 2019
Secret Energy of Miracles Home Study Course
Yes, there is actually a process to create and re-create miracles EVERY DAY in your life. But in order to master that process, you need to understand the Secret Energy of Miracles. 

If you could create a miracle each and every day, what would you create? 

Better health? The perfect partner or relationship? More prosperity? 

Maybe you need to be more FOCUSED? 

This very special course will help you create miracles in any area of your life with more ease, grace and joy! 

Soul Realization and Oneness Virtual Training
Ancient meditations kept secret for centuries. 

These techniques allow you to accelerate the UNION of your incarnated soul (often described as the personality or lower self) with your Higher Soul (Higher Self). 

Your life improves exponentially with CREATIVITY, bringing INNER QUIET and PEACE through the use of this meditation. 
Sexual Alchemy Virtual Training
Having a beautiful intimate relationship is one of the deepest desires of humans. This course helps you take your relationship to a deep level of love, pleasure, understanding and spiritual oneness. 

Using the principles of energy, the course teaches the deeper essence of spiritual sexuality and the techniques to experience a blissful state of divine union for couples and sexual alchemy for single people. 

You will gain unique teachings on sacred sex that are rarely shared outside of ancient temples, and release any unknown sexual traumas so that you can embrace your highest enlightened sexual self. 
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